Keys To Great Mental Health

Jan 3, 2022

 by Morgan Fontaine

1.) Value yourself.
Valuing yourself is the biggest thing in creating great mental health for yourself
because the way you talk to yourself and view yourself is ultimately how you will feel on a
daily basis. Always treat yourself with kindness and self respect and always avoid toxic
self criticism.


2.) Set realistic goals for yourself.

Setting realistic goals for yourself is very valuable in mental health. Whether that is
a weight loss goal, a certain weight you want to lift, or even something that you
want to accomplish in your daily life. Being able to set a goal for yourself and
achieving it brings great personal satisfaction and allows you to be able to achieve
even bigger goals down the line that you never thought you can accomplish.


3.) Surround yourself with a good support system.
Surrounding yourself with supportive friends and family is linked to positive mental
health over people who don’t. Having that strong support system allows you to
seek out support in different ways. When you surround yourself with people who
aren't motivated and lack positivity it becomes contagious. Go out there and find
supportive friends and trusted family members that will always be by your side.


4.) Take care of your body.
Taking care of your body is a huge key in mental health. Research shows a strong
link between your mental health and how well you take of our body. People who
don’t eat healthy, smoke or vape regularly, don’t exercise, and don’t sleep well
tend to have negative mental health. Make sure you take a care of your body.
Always exercise, eat healthy, avoid smoking, and drink plenty of water.


5.) Quiet your mind.
Being able to quiet your mind and deal with stress is huge. There are tons of ways
a person can deal with stress. Research shows that any form of meditation helps
calm and enhance your mental health. Everyone is different so go and find what
works for you and relaxes your mind.