Interview With CORE 4 202 Client Andrea Sadowski

Jul 19, 2021

 by Morgan Fontaine

How long have you been working with us?  

"10 months with 202.....not sure now long ago I joined Core 4 (for Fit).  You can ask Kevin....before you got there."

Whats your favorite part about Core4? 

"For me, I needed somebody to challenge me to push myself further than I would push myself and try things that I would normally shy away from.  I have been lifting and training for a very long time but never really pushed the weights and truly tried to get stronger.  This was a way for me to step out of my comfort zone and gave me a new passion for training again.   Following a program that has been carefully designed for me that I know is going to help me work my body more efficiently to see the gains I am looking for has been invaluable." 

You've been training hard for awhile and undoubtedly have learned some life lessons or things about yourself along the way. Which stands out most in your mind?

"Humility. It's a lesson the barbell can teach us every single day. Weightlifting teaches us to stay focused, not get overzealous, and respect every weight.  Tough lessons it took me years to learn:
  • Love the Process. 
  • You are STRONGER than you think! 
  • PAIN is necessary. 
  • Patience is a virtue
  • Failure makes you BETTER.
  • CONSISTENCY is key."


There's a lot of secret sauce guru nonsense in the gym space. A big goal of mine is passing on the information/lessons I've learned to the next group of coaches and athletes. So to end us off I've got a relatively loaded question.


As a mom, of all the things you've just thought of in terms of lessons/things you've gained from your time in the gym which is something you want to pass on most to your kids?

"Failure makes you better.  This is a really tough lesson for kids (and adults) to learn.  In today's society, with all of the social media nonsense and the pressure kids feel from their parents, coaches and peers, kids have become afraid to take chances.  They are so afraid of failing and letting down those they respect the most, they become paralyzed and jeopardize their chances to reach their full potential.  As a parent, it is so difficult to passively stand by and watch as your kids experience failure but if you are lucky enough, you will get to see how these difficult experiences help to shape your kids into the amazing humans you know they are destined to become."

One more question - Whose winning the squat competition right now?

"Me for sure.....I still have Maddy by about 10 - 15 pounds I think.   That's another goal of mine....stay stronger than my kids for as long as possible."