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The goal of Core4 is to provide student athletes and adults of all abilities and in all phases of life with a systematic, regimented and progressive routine. Our program aims to educate individuals to perform the prescribed exercises correctly and to do it in a manner that will optimize strength and speed gains. We help student athletes prepare for their upcoming season, so they can go out onto the field or court with more confidence and skills than ever before. We provide our members with the tools necessary to achieve their personal goals within a fun, high-energy team environment.


Student athletes, one-on-one trainees, adult fitness class members ...

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“Failure To Prepare is to Prepare for Failure”

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1 ON 1 TRAINing

All programs follow the Core4 Systematic/progressive program that builds fundamentals first and develops each athlete from there. Our athletes train in a high energy, results-driven environment, all while maintaining the individualized attention that proper athletic development requires. The focus is on building a solid athletic foundation through linear and lateral speed development, agility, explosive power development and functional strength training. 

Athletes can expect to receive the following:

  1. Free first Assessment for performance limitations and injury risk factors using the Dynamic Comprehensive Biomechanical Assessment

  2. Custom-written program based on individual’s training experience, needs, and goals

  3. Individualized coaching in a high energy environment with our highly trained, professional staff coaches.                                                                                                                                                                          

** 24-Hour Cancellation Notice: We do hold a 24-hour policy when it comes to cancellations. If you cancel within the 24 hour mark, clients will still be charged the training fee. **


If you have a small group and want to all train together this is the option for you. Small Group Training offers a unique opportunity to explore an emerging dimension of fitness by combining Personal Training with Group Fitness. This is a great option for those that are looking for an effective, high quality workout that is focused on skill development, motivation and enhanced fitness.

Small Group Training focuses on specialized instruction using specific equipment in a goal oriented exercise program.
5 max participants per session


Tired of walking aimlessly on a treadmill?

Core4 Classes will challenge your cardiovascular system as well as make you stronger than you have ever been. The Core 4 training system is a systematic progression over a 12-week cycle. Each phase of our program builds from the phase prior. This means you get continued results by avoiding adaptation and making strength gains in the safest way possible. Our proven method will have you feeling and moving better than you have in years.

Each workout begins with mobility and flexibility drills. After mobility and flexibility, we work on the core. Our progressive strength session comes next, where you will learn to squat, deadlift, push and pull, in a manner that best suits you.

Each session finishes with high intensity interval training or HIIT for short. We utilize many different pieces of equipment during this. The modalities we use include but not limited to, kettlebells, TRX, battle ropes, medicine balls, and the all new, highly effective, Inertia Wave.

Come down and see why once our clients try our workouts, they become clients for life!

Class ZERo

Class Zero takes new Core4 Fit members through our basic movement patterns, teaching how to move properly within the Core4 program. This technique-specific class defines and explains our recommended pre-workout routine including foam rolling and mobility drills. Learn stability drills and their importance, basic movement patterns for upper body and how to properly perform each of our three big lift movements – back squat, bench press and deadlift. Class Zero is a great place to start if you’re just joining Core4 Fit, and is offered at intervals throughout the 12-week program. Class Zero workouts are limited to 10 people. Contact us today for more information.


Do you coach a team that needs to get in shape for the season? Or maybe the team needs fitness sessions throughout the season?

Core4 has trained countless teams before and have pushed each of the athletes to improve all aspects of their physical fitness. Our trainers use only the best methods to ensure that all of the athletes will become quicker, stronger, more flexible, mentally tougher, smarter, and more. Kevin and his staff listen to what the coaches and the team’s needs are and will provide only the best training for each squad.

Core4 Membership


Members pay on a month-to-month basis. Autopay setup is an option, but there are no contracts for our membership.  

Core 4 Standards for Professionalism



Core 4 has become more than just a place to train. We are setting a standard in the industry for training and fitness. As such, our trainers, coaches, Core 4 Reps and team members are held to these standards of professionalism, which embody our culture at Core 4. 

Do No Harm – This is of the utmost importance. Our roles as trainers is to help others. People come to us looking for guidance to increase their physical level of fitness. It is our duty to create the most safe and efficacious programs we can. This means keeping our mental acuity at a high level. Continuing education and grasping these educational concepts is what will set us apart from the competition and instill the trust we want from our community.

On Time is Late – Being prompt and on time for your class/appointment is one of the easiest things to control while having a big impact on your colleagues and community. Because of the nature of what we do, on time is 10 minutes early for your appointment. This will allow time to get your environment and yourself ready for the day. Coming in just before the session starts or being late begins to decay your client and fellow colleagues’ trust. It is our responsibility to create the most professional environment possible and that begins with being on time.

Having A Plan- We are making our best effort to have class programming readily available for the staff. Outside of this, it is important to have a plan of attack for the day. This goes hand in hand with being early for the appointment. Having a plan will allow a smoother client and trainer experience.

Gym Cleanliness- The appearance of our facility is our first impression we provide our clients. It instills in them the level of professionalism that we are striving to achieve. Putting equipment back and keeping the facility clean also allows for a smoother and respectful transition between trainers. Trainers arriving for their appointment should not have to worry about the mess left behind from the previous sessions.

Communication – This may be the one thing that will help a company become more than it is. At Core 4, communication is key. We need to have an open door and an open mind. We do not all have to agree, but we should all be willing oi listen and share constructive ideas as well as criticism. Lack of communication throughout a team can be the number one most destructive thing that can kill a company. Core 4 is not interested in people who are not willing to communicate with each other as professionals.

We Before Me - This is the core value held to the highest standard at Core 4. We can achieve great things by ourselves, but what we can achieve together is so much more. When everyone on a team is rowing in the same direction, the team wins. Within these wins are individual wins.

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