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"I can not recommend CORE 4 and specifically Morgan, highly enough. Morgan is so knowledgeable and supportive. Not only is she helping promote female strengthening and conditioning along a female’s life span, but she also guides your plan of care based on goals that are set with a holistic approach. Following Morgan’s 202 program that was specifically made for me, I have hit my fitness goals. I have increase energy, a better nutritional outlook, and overall better mood. I highly recommend CORE 4 for a gym that is supportive to assist with your all around positive lifestyle change."


-Jen Hunter

"Great environment with awesome trainers! My teenage daughter who is a multi-sport athlete has been working with Morgan for a year and a half in the Athlete program. The improvement in her performance was immediately evident...increased strength, speed, agility, control, confidence. This is an incredibly supportive environment; Core 4 has not only been great for her physical health, but her overall well being."


-Melanie Araya

"Kevin Dean and the Core4 team helped me lose weight, gain muscle, and feel better. They've improved my quality of life by keeping me engaged and by cultivating an atmosphere of hard work and great people. Trainers work hard to keep classes fun while getting a sweat in. I've been working out at Core4 for five years and there's no place I'd rather be."


-Brent Bavaro

"My journey at CORE 4 has been probably the most life changnig since starting in 2014. I lost 100 plus pounds, gained muscle and strength with the help of Kevin and CORE 4 trainers Andy, Mike, and Morgan. They have made the class workouts challenging and fun. Also I get to train with my son and alongside some awesome people too. Truly a unique gym experience!"

-Darlene Bavaro

"No other way to describe it, welcoming with coaches that have the desire to help reach our goals inside and out of ther CORE 4 gym. I have been training under Coach Morgan on and off for a few years now, working on my strength and flexibility to help improve my ability to move with better awareness of my body in my daily activities. After rupturing my Achilles, I reached out to Coach Morgan and have seen nothing but positive results from my sessions. She now programs my workouts for me every month to help reach the goals we have set for me. Tell all your friends because all of mine have since joined CORE 4, Coach Morgan will help you achieve your goals as long as you’re willing to be consistent. Join CORE 4 and you will not be upset with the results you see after just a few weeks of workouts. It’s truly a magical place willing to push you to be the strongest version of yourself!"


-Abby Bassette

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