Welcome to Core 4 Fit, our group training program perfect for anyone! Whether you are just getting started, are an experienced gym-goer, or some just looking for a new challenge, Core 4 Fit is the program for you! Our workouts will always leave you feeling challenged, as each week we look to better ourselves adn progress through our 12 Week program.  

What is Core 4 Fit?

Core 4 Fit is a 12 Week progression, where we look to bridge the gap between the general population and athletics. With 4 phases throughout the 12 weeks, we focus on developing good movement patterns, general  and maximal strength, while optimizing ourselves as athletes! We work with the Big 3 Lifts; Squat, Bench, and Deadlift to reach our true strength! We track our progress along the way to ensure our members are getting the most out of this program. Continue reading below to find out about what the 12 weeks look like further detail. 

Phase 1: Weeks 1 - 3

Phase 1 of our 12 week program has a strong focus on learning proper lifting technique, as well as building muscle memory and effecient movement patterns. In this phase, we will be working with lighter weights to better learn the movments. But just because we are using lighter weights does not mean the workouts are easy! We add slwo eccentrics into the mix to ensure that each workout is still intense. 

PHASE 2: Weeks 4 - 6 

So now that we've learned the lifts and have created good movement patterns, it's time to crank it up a notch! In Phase 2 we dial up the intensity by working with heavier weights. We will now also add in some isometrics, so we can focus on getting stronger in our weaker positions. 

PHASE 3: Weeks 7 - 9 

Now things get heavy. Phase 1 we learned the technique and created effecient movement patterns, Phase 2 we attacked our weak points, so now Phase 3 we put it all to use and get STRONG. In this phase we focus primarily on our maximal strength by lower the number of reps and increasing the weight we're working with. In this phase is when we see our clients hit new perosnal records and weights they never thought possible! 

PHASE 4: Weeks 10 - 12 

SPEED! That's right, in Phase 4 we are now taking our new found strength and developing true power and speed to unlock the athletic potential we all hold within. In this phase we will be lowering the weights to be able to move faster throughout our range of motion and develop power.