Motivation vs Commitment

Apr 19, 2021

 by Morgan Fontaine

Get ready cause it might be a bumpy ride here. I'm gonna get a little deep with this weeks newsletter. I am gonna take you on my own introspective journey. I hope you can relate. My real hope is that it inspires you to find what you need to commit to, as opposed to what motivates you. 


See this guy right here? You might recognize him, sometimes I don't even recognize him. But this was me. One of the highest levels of fitness I have achieved. About 9% bodyfat, I felt strong, I felt happy with my look. I was miserable inside. See this guy was motivated. Motivated by another failed relationship, business venture, and a failed sense of self. See once I realized my motivation came from an unhealthy place, there was no way I could maintain it. More about this guy later.



Ahh yes the 'motivational quote". The thing that gets you up. TODAY IS MY DAY! Today is everyone's day. It sits with you all day. You work a little more efficiently. Your workout was a piece of cake today! Today you are your own champion. Well how about tomorrow, the day after, or the day after that? You see, motivation wanes. Like the motivated guy in the picture above, motivation will only carry you so far. 


Ok So...What's The Point?!

The point is, I'm no longer a motivated man. I'm a committed man. Committed to the people inside the walls of Core 4. Committed to our amazing staff and business partners. I'm committed to being the best man I can be for the people I interact with daily. Of course I fail. We all do. But our commitment must be greater than our failures. We have to get up everyday and get back on track. 


So these days, no I don't look like that same guy from long ago. But I am a committed man. Committed to my family, my friends, my team, and committed to myself. That guy is still in there, and I'm confident I will see him again. But only the outside, that guy who was motivated by an unhealthier mindset, that guy is gone. Hi everyone, I'm Kevin from Core 4.Now you know a bit more about me. I hope you all understand my journey a little more and it helps you with your journey.