Interview With CORE 4 202 Athlete Izzy Milardo

Jun 28, 2021

 by Morgan Fontaine

Coach Andy interviewed his Core 4 "202" athlete Izzy Milardo. Izzy is one of the hardest workers in the gym, and understands what it takes to play at the next level. She brings an awesome attitude to every workout, and is always asking what else she can do to get better. Here is a quick Q&A with her. Check it out!


Q – “Why did you start training with Core 4?”

A – “So basically I started training with Core 4 because I was playing sports in high school and I wanted to get faster and stronger to be the best athlete I can be… At the time I was looking to play softball at the college level and I wanted to do whatever I could to up my game!”


Q – “How did Core 4 help with that?”

A – “Well I got college offers! I had a few DII and DIII schools interested in me. I went all-conference and all-state my junior year, which was the first year I had trained at Core 4. I will be playing softball at University of St. Joseph in West Hartford next year!


Q – “How do you think Core 4 impacted that?”

A – “Well it definitely made me stronger and able to hit harder, and I could tell I had gotten faster. Because I play outfield I needed to be able to cover a lot of ground and I knew I needed to work on my speed. I could feel the difference in how I was running! I also needed guidance with my nutrition, and Andy helped me gain muscle and lose 25 lbs.


Q – “What are your favorite aspects of training at Core 4?”

A – “I love the atmosphere! It’s always upbeat and everyone is always working their hardest when here, so it motivates you to work your hardest! I love the workouts I’m given, and I always look forward to coming here. Andy is very motivating, energetic, and is always ready to get you going.”



Q – “What is your favorite exercise?”

A – “SQAUTTING! I like my legs, so obviously squats are my go-to. I also enjoy chin-ups because they’re challenging.”


Q – “What’s your favorite post-workout meal?”

A – “A nice steak”


Q – “What’s your favorite cheat meal?”

A – “I LOVE Chinese food!”


Q – “What’s your favorite movie?”

A – The Avengers!”