Eating For A Lifetime

Mar 1, 2021

 by Morgan Fontaine
Working out 7x a week and not seeing progress? Lifts stalled out? Constantly bingeing and starving yourself? How many times have you fallen off your favorite washed up Instagram personality's overly restrictive diet plan? You've been lied to; probably for a long time. There is no magic pill, diet, tea, or shaman in the jungle coming to spot reduce your muffin top.

Consistency. Consistency. Consistency. 
It isn't sexy and I don't have anything to sell you sadly. Creating an effective and sustainable system to approach your nutrition can be a challenging task without the right tools; and if you've read this far you're about to get em'.

80/20 Rule:
Chances are you're probably already doing this. On average you're eating 3x a day 7x a week. 21 meals. 4 opportunities to stray from the norm and try something new. Maybe date night or being social. Unless you're crushing several large pizzas a week, having a slice of cake on your kiddo's bday isn't going to kill you. The more restrictive you are the less likely you are to follow the plan. Remember this is a game of sustainability.

Protein; Cover your bases.
We can get into the weeds with formula's and all but lets keep it simple. 1g per pound of bodyweight. You'll feel more satiated, and have a better time recovering in between workouts when you're adequately hitting this number more frequently. We'll save the additional benefits for another post. 

Have a plan.
Simple - pack a lunch; maybe even breakfast. If you've already got food to eat you will be less likely to grab something awful just because it's "easy". Let me stop you before you say "I just don't have the time". You're actively choosing to not make nutrition a priority. Self accountability is a bitch. I'm not here to lecture you on the "grind" or being a "savage". It's just reality. If you want to do it; you'll make the time.