CORE 4 Fit Programming

Feb 11, 2021

 by Morgan Fontaine

Core4 Fit!

You  may have noticed a bit of change in your workouts; and for good reason. Here's the breakdown. In this block we'll be following a Tri-Phasic model when it comes to our programming. 

Basically what that means is we'll be doing 3 weeks of slow eccentrics to help lay new tissue and increase conditioning (gains bro), followed by 3 weeks of heavy isometric holds. This block's isometric cycle is designed to teach athletes to reactively absorb and express force in all planes and capacities rather than do so in a particular portion of a movement or grind through a sticking point as a powerlifter would probably be more interested in. Finally; we'll be wrapping up the final 3 weeks with some big lifts. The goal is to put up some big numbers on week 9.

Mike, why? Change is scary! We have a phenomenal problem @core4middletown. You all usually stick around for quite some time after joining. You've crushed countless 12 week blocks; your body is accustomed to the stimulus. This is an effort to continue to drive adaptation so that you can continue to see progress and smash PR's. Meow-Mix was only the beginning.